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Custom design

Full freedom of design with custom carpets and rugs
At Ege Carpets, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating unique custom carpets and rugs for your commercial project. Thanks to our advanced production technology, you can create a unique carpet design to suit any individual project and quality requirements you may have. The custom size carpets and custom printed carpets are available from 100 m2.

We offer one of the industry's shortest delivery times. Our carpets ship less than three weeks from the day we receive your order. You can choose to do the creative development of the pattern yourself or you can explain your ideas to our designers. Whatever you choose, we work collaboratively to create a custom design or custom size carpet for your project that’s head and shoulders above the competition.

Custom designed carpet tiles
The ability to customise floor design to the utmost detail is popular in wall-to-wall carpeting, but you can even customise the design for carpet tiles with your own patterns. In this way you combine some of the advantages of both types of product. First and foremost, the floor can tell a unique story by incorporating a logo, identity, location or design, while at the same time allowing you to reap the benefits of carpet tiles’ flexibility in terms of handling, installation and replacement. The small-patterned all-over custom design lends itself particularly well to carpet tiles in that it conceals the joins and creates a unified impression of one large surface, like wall-to-wall carpets. Large patterns and design elements that must match up across tiles are therefore not recommended, as they can’t be reproduced in tile installation.

You design the carpet
Anything is possible!

You design the carpet from scratch

A carpet adds comfort, identity and ambiance to your interior. Looking for a certain atmosphere, colour or pattern? Anything is possible!

A detailed presentation or just a quick sketch - a photograph, a certain type of texture or particular pattern: any idea you may have, we’ll help to develop into the perfect carpet for your commercial project.

All you need to do is describe your ideas and wishes for your commercial project. Our creative design team will draw up a design draft based on your initial thoughts and proposals.
No matter the level of complexity, we find solutions to all individual requests
Colour love
Colour love


Thanks to our advanced production technology, it’s easy and quick to recolour a standard carpet design from our Highline Express collections at no extra charge. Pick any design and select your colours from one of our four colour palettes. Our recolour tool is developed to make it easy for you to select your own colours online.

You can even visualise your design in beautiful 3D room settings and use them for your own presentations and reference. This useful room visualisation is also available for all our other collections.
Guide to recolour and visualise

Make your ideas become reality

We customise the perfect carpet design for your commercial project
Our design team is always on hand to assist you in making your ideas become reality. All you have to do is tell us about your project and your ideas for your custom printed carpet. You’re also welcome to send us photos or other kinds of inspirational materials and we’ll help you bring your ideas to life! Based on your input, we develop a series of design proposals with precise emphasis on what you wish to highlight. For major commercial projects, it’s sometimes very useful for the designer to visit the location where the carpet will be fitted. Seeing the physical surroundings gives the designer a better understanding of the nature of the project.

Head turning floors with innovative shapes
Experiment with your own combinations
Head turning floors with innovative shapes
Push conventional floor design in a completely new direction. With our Figura concept, you have shape, material and colour entirely in your hands, to tailor your floor into a truly unique experience with new, interesting and exciting effects.

Let's take you on a tour of our favourite projects

The process from design idea to physical sample ready for approval is very short.
I like that!
Pia-Cally Wendt, Architect and Interior Designer, Stylt, Sweden

Need to know more?

Let's help you move on

Are you planning a project, let us help you through the entire process, from idea to unique carpet solution.

Fill in your details and we will revert to you or find your closest contact .

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